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Listening Japanese Podcasts are great because you can listen to them anywhere. If you have apple podcasts or iTunes, youtube, Spotify, or another listening medium, you will probably be able to listen to podcasts on the go.

I typically like to listen to them in between classes, or while I’m working because they aren’t too much of a distraction from the work I do but I can still practice listening at the same time.

Build up your knowledge of Japanese words and vocabulary. This can really speed up your Japanese learning process. I can’t stress more on the importance of doing the above.

You’ll also find that podcasts provide easy practice because they’re serialized. Tune in to each episode and you’ve got a constant stream of new things to listen to.

Plus, with podcasts, you can learn something about a topic while learning the language. It’s a two for one!

You can change the podcast episode’s speed, so you can slow it down to understand a native Japanese speaker more clearer or if you want to practice more at native speed, you can speed it up. I also love to use podcasts to practice pronunciation in Japanese.

Consider using podcasts to get your daily dose of Japanese listening practice. In this post, Here the best podcasts that will improve your Japanese listening skills, as well as your overall Japanese ability.

Hapa Eikaiwa

Hapa Eikaiwa is a Japanese podcast for Japanese people who willing to learning English. He translates everything he says into both languages so it can be a great tool for Japanese language learners as well.

This podcast also has a transcript of the podcast, but unfortunately, it costs money.



Let’s talk in Japanese

Let’s Talk in Japanese! is a podcast created by a Japanese teacher. This Podcast available on Spotify. Being a Japanese teacher – he is able to “funny idea” his Japanese and talks intentionally so that students can learn new vocabulary through an idea or fun way.


Bilingual News (バイリンガルニュース)

Bilingual news is a great listening practice podcast for intermediate-advanced Japanese learners. It is a podcast in both English and Japanese and the hosts typically pick a news topic to discuss each episode.

It is also a way to learn about things that are going on in Japanese society so that you can more easily conduct conversations with friends about news and politics.



Japanesepod101 is a famous podcast for absolute beginner level learner. It contains authentic Japanese language that is meant to help you learn. So you’ll likely find it effective and worth your time.


Learn Japanese w/ Manga Sensei

This podcast is a great way to Improve fundamental concepts to your Japanese Study. the host speaks English and explains Japanese Grammar and vocabulary/phrases in great detail.


Let’s learn Japanese from small talk

Let’s learn Japanese from the small talk!  Is a podcast with two younger Japanese ladies that have real and causal Japanese. This one is an amazing podcast for beginners to advanced. It also helps how to start conversion with a friend.



There are many great Japanese podcasts made by native and non-native speakers teaching Japanese, speaking about topics in Japanese at all different levels, and even some that talk about Japanese culture

Finding good and interesting content as a beginner learner is tough, so expose yourself to a mixture of levels appropriate to practice your listening skills and highly interesting content in Japanese to keep you motivated.


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